Jensen Ventilation AB produces and delivers ventilation tubes according to customer requirements for mines, tunnels and other underground work.

Jensen Ventilation AB uses a highly effective method of welding the material. The method was developed within the company and patented in 1981 in Sweden. The 40 mm wide weld seam becomes almost as strong and durable as the material itself.

Material Facts
Over the years the focus has been placed on being able to produce qualities that cater to different requirements for strength and construction. The result is reflected in today's qualities JP 501, JP 551, JP 651 and JP 752. All are dimensionally stable, fire retardant and possesses a low coefficient of friction. Anti-static option is also available. 

With the help of bends, Y-and T-tubes and reductions, all made from the strongest quality, Jensen Ventilation AB is offering a complete and reliable ventilation system.

A true breath of fresh air

Jensen Ventilation Flexible Ducting System, we deliver fresh air to all underground operations around the world.