From an interview with Jensen Ventilation AB's owner Lars-Ingvar Nordstrom:

"Not many companies today that have had only three owners in just over 130 years, I decided back in the '60s, when I bought the company, that I shall not forget to have fun. And I must say that I have had. I have been fortunate to develop solutions that have since become our signature. We have unique solutions for products and services in an industry that is not very unique in itself."

Brief recap:

1879 The Danish ropemaker Christian Jensen started the company in Lund.

1962 Our current CEO, inventor and developer Lars-Ingvar Nordstrom buys the company who had been in the family Jensen's possession until now. The CEO of that time and Christian Jensen's son dies in the office at his desk.

1960 The company is developing a unique method for welding PVC fabric.

1970 The company is expanding rapidly and a large portion of our sales are exported, mainly to Norway, Denmark and Finland.

1973 The straps, a revolutionary new rope attachment on tarps sees the light. The solution is patented and therefore unique to Jensen.

1973 Establishment of our sales office in Västerås, Sweden.

1977 A self-developed and fully automatic washing machine for tarps placed in service at our reconditioning facility in Lund.

1986 Production starts except in Lund, even in our own premises in Malmö. This is the background to the continued positive development in the Öresund region.

1994 The company is first in the world developed a fully automatic machine for making spiral tube with diameters of 500-2000 mm.

1995 All activities are concentrated in Malmö, but some special production is still done in our own facility in Lund. 2001 Operations in Västerås expanded with more staff, and at the same time is moving to new premises.

2002 A broader focus on our operations in Scandinavia is secured by our establishment of an office in Denmark.

2003 We continue to strengthen our position as Scandinavia's leading manufacturer of PVC-woven products. Especially in tarpaulins, halls, chapels and ventilation tubes.

2004 We enlarge our area in Malmö with 2500 m2 in order to continue our expansion.

2005 JP HyrOnline launched, an Internet-based tool for our agents who rent our tarps. We are expanding production both in Lund and Malmö.

2007 The company is growing and expanding our production in both Malmö and Lund. Jensen ventilation moves its operations to its own premises in Lund.

2008 sales and inventory established in Finland.

2009 Positive start of nationwide representative in Finland.

2010 The company's investment in halls continues.

2011 Several new employees hired in Jensen Protect Ltd for continued growth.

2012 Several new employees recruited to Jensen Ventilation Ltd for continued growth.

A true breath of fresh air

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