The textile, is coated on both sides in a coating machine in accordance with Jensen’s material specification. See the material specifications for more specific details.

A specially made machine welds different lengths of the coated textile into a duct which is marked with the brand name «JP», a quality designation and production data (date, month and year). The suspension system is mounted on the duct (except for the hooks which are sent seperately to avoid damages during transport) as well as it is being cut to the right length and finally packed for shipment.

Hiot-wedge welding is used, which is the most reliable method for welding PVC-coated textiles and a welding method that produces a weld just as strong as the material.

Hot air welding should only be used for repairs, see the section entitled «Repairs».

A true breath of fresh air

Jensen Ventilation Flexible Ducting System, we deliver fresh air to all underground operations around the world.