Material properties

The materials used for JP-Ducting are made to meet the requirements posed for the operation of modern tunnels and mines.

The textile provides the requisite tensile strength to withstand the high internal pressure. Larger duct diameters require stronger textiles, and hence more and thicker threads.

The specially developed knitted textile gives the material a high tear resistance and thus prevents small holes and cracks from growing and causing the entire duct to tear.

The coating gives very good protection against most chemicals, water, sunlight (UV radiation) and gasses.

Thicker coatings provide better wear resistance.

All JP qualities are self extinguishing (tested regularly by an independent institute), which is to say that in the event of a fire the duct will burn as long as it is exposed to flames, but it will go out when the source of the fire is removed, as opposed to most other organic materials which will continue to burn.

In the event of fire, the duct will emit gasses such as water vapour, carbon dioxide and traces of gaseous hydrochloric acid (the latter is dependent upon temperature and the presence of other materials, for example copper). Smoke will also be released, consisting of soot and plasticiser.

A true breath of fresh air

Jensen Ventilation Flexible Ducting System, we deliver fresh air to all underground operations around the world.