Always have clean and dry fabric to work on. If you sew, use double thread and choose distance between each thread depended on damage. For better results, sew “up and down”. This method is for quick repairing and should not be permanent because of leakage. For better durability and density use glue after sewing. It's also usual only to use glue. When using glue, always have something on the inside to press against until the glue dry. At the same time you avoid that the ducting paste together at the inside.

As an extra we can deliver the repair kit with a hot air gun. Repairing with the hot air gun is the most professional way to repair ductings. The results are optimal durability of a repaired damage and no leakage. When using hot air gun, always have something directly under the area you are repairing! It's very hot, be careful when using it and protect yourself!

A true breath of fresh air

Jensen Ventilation Flexible Ducting System, we deliver fresh air to all underground operations around the world.